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"Artificial Intelligence is the New Electricity" — Andrew Ng
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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning
Understand, trust, and use data to meet your business needs
Quadrant Protocol Officially Launches, bringing Transparency to a Murky Data Economy
In the 21st century economy, data is key to success.
Quadrant provides data "stamping" capabilities via it's Quadrant Protocol that allow users to verify the source of the data they need. The platform uses blockchain technology - the best technical solution currently available for this purpose - to ensure the data is authentic, trustworthy, and useable.
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Research & development
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AI-reinforcement and AI-acceleration
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Customized development
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Development of promising technologies
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SpinUp Venture is the leading private investor in Singapore's flagship business-accelerator JFDI.Asia
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Our portfolio leaders - winners of many international awards: Edison Awards™, TechCrunch, BIG Innovation Award,
Global Grand Challenge Awards, The Roddenberry Prize, Singapore FinTech Awards, FinTech Abu Dhabi Innovation Challenge, K-Startup Grand Challenge, Shell IdeaRefinery
and others
Artificial Intelligence solutions for RegTech and FinTech. Among Leading Global Fintech Innovators 2017 Fintech100
BigData marketplace and platform
Empower innovative AI solutions
Blockchain-based Quadrant protocol
Nodis' TruTint technology
for Next Generation
Smart Glass
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